Best Trick Paper Airplane – Instructions with Pictures

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Best Trick Paper Airplane – Instructions with Pictures


In this post, the tutorial will show you an advanced type of a  pointed glider. Due to the blunt snout and distinct shape, this paper airplane flies in an arc path. With a little practice, you can even throw it in a loop path. The aerobatic flying style of this airplane take s a lot of spacewhich is why it is recommended to fly this paper airplane outside.

Step 1

Make an X-Shaped Crease

Advanced paper airplane - 01

Lay the paper in front of you in a portrait position.

Advanced paper airplane - 02

Do a diagonal fold on the top left corner of the paper.

Advanced paper airplane - 03

Unfold, then do a diagonal fold on the top right corner

Advanced paper airplane - 04

Unfold the paper. As you can see, there is an “X” crease mark on the paper once it has been unfolded.

Advanced paper airplane - 05

Fold downwards along the point made by the X crease mark.

As you fold the left edge to the right, it will naturally fold into a triangle because of the crease “X” crease mark.

Advanced paper airplane - 06

Flatten it out and it should look like the image below.

Step 2

Get Ready to Fold the Tip Downwards

Glider paper airplane 2_1 - 07

Bring the bottom left corner of the triangle top flap to the top corner.

Glider paper airplane 2_1 - 08

Do the same on the right side.

Best trick paper airplane - 07

Fold the corners of the 2 top flaps downwards.

Now it should look something like the image above. The paper airplane is on its track to be completed.

Step 3

Make the Wings and Body

Best trick paper airplane - 08

Bring the top corner downwards.

Best trick paper airplane - 09

Fold it vertically in half as shown in the next image.

Best trick paper airplane - 10

Bring a big portion of the top layer to the right. This will be a wing of the paper plane.

Best trick paper airplane - 11

Mountain fold the left layer to make the other wing.


Flare out both wings at a right angle.

Best trick paper airplane - 13

The only thing missing is the winglets. To do this, fold the outer edge of the wings by about a cm or so.

Best trick paper airplane - 14

Your paper plane is now ready. Have fun flying!

Extra Tips

  • Use a long strip of scotch tape and stick it under the fuselage of the paper airplane.
  • Paint your plane with cool details like stars on the wings, a flight number plate, and a cockpit.
  • If you want your paper airplane to fly even better, use another strip of scotch tape. Connect both wings with the strip so that they stay together in flight. If the wings stop falling apart, the air resistance is lower, and the arrow flies faster through the air.
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