Discover How to Make a Double Arrow Napkin Fold

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Discover How to Make a Double Arrow Napkin Fold


Learn how to make a double arrow napkin fold! Do you want to start folding napkins in a way that says fancy? This napkin fold will surely impress any guest at your special event! What makes this serviette napkin special is it’s not the typical basic folds you see in most napkin tutorials. It’s a good-looking napkin fold that looks complicated but is actually easy! it may look daunting to make this twin arrow napkin but this guide will show you how simple it is. Enjoy!

You’ll need less than a minute to complete the fold. A square napkin, either cloth or paper, is also required.

Step 1

Create the square base


The first step is to get a square napkin and lay it on a flat surface. Your working place should be comfortable for you.


Then fold it crosswise. Do this by bringing the bottom edge towards the top.


Then fold the left edge towards the right edge. Good job! Now it's time to move to the next step.

Step 2

Make the ruffle design of the arrow napkin fold


Bring the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Do this by diagonally folding the topmost layer downwards.


Diagonally fold a part of the bottom left flap upwards. Use the image above for guidance on how to fold it.


Next, fold the topmost flap from the left side again in a downward diagonal direction.

Step 3

Fold the Top Left and Bottom Right


You will be working on the next layer. To do this, fold the top right corner of the top layer towards the middle.


Fold the topmost layer towards the top right. You'll then have an almost symmetrical fold.


Now, you have to fold the top left corner all the way to the back.


Do the same for the bottom right corner. You are done making this twin arrow napkin fold. Congratulations!

Extra Tips

  • Symmetry is important and it comes down to execution. It’s best to place the napkin in the middle of the main plate. You must make sure that the left and right tips are at the same height and point toward the viewer. If the menu card, food, or something else is placed in the center of the main plate, you could put it at the top left side.
  • You can iron the napkin first. Ironing your table cloth napkin is the first step in preparing for a good dining experience, but it's not all that simple. No guest would want to be presented a wrinkled napkin on their plate.
  • Have fun while folding. It can be a relaxing experience. Folding a napkin is not as hard as you might think! Use this folding method and simple process to iron your cloth napkin and be prepared for any party or occasion.
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