Discover a Pocket Fold for Napkins | Bread Basket Napkin Fold

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Discover a Pocket Fold for Napkins | Bread Basket Napkin Fold


If you want to learn how to make a pocket napkin that can store some bread or some appetizer then this bread basket napkin fold is worth checking out! First, you are going to need two square napkins and follow the eight step instruction found below!

The bread basket requires about two minutes to be completed. It’s a beautiful fold that has a homey feeling to it. It gives a sense of a warm and rustic feel which is great for brunches, luncheons and family get-togethers. Now let’s start folding!

Step 1

Make a diamond fold using two napkins


Your first step is to get two square napkins. Take a moment to decide if the colors are compatible with the overall theme of the setting. Then find a comfortable place to start folding.


Then perfectly place one napkin on top of the other. In this example, the yellow napkin was placed on top of the green napkin.


Then, fold the top left corner towards the middle. Fold both layers.


Do the same process with the remaining three corners. Change the orientation so. Fold the other corners to the center as well. Great job - now it's time to move to the next steps!

Step 2

Fold the pocket napkin into a smaller square


This time flips the napkins and start to work on that side. Fold the bottom corner towards the middle.


Do the same for the rest of the corners. It should now look like a square.

Step 3

Make the pockets of the bread basket napkin


Flip the napkins to the other side. It should now look similar to the image above. The bread basket napkin should have four flaps.


Shift your attention to the bottom right flap. Tuck that flap inwards first.


Do the same for the rest of the corner flaps. Once done, you have finished this bread basket napkin fold. We hope you had fun making this pocket fold!

Extra Tips

  • Directly place the napkin on the main plate. If the main plate is occupied, you can try other napkin folds in our catalog where you can position the napkin outside the main plate.
  • How do you place a napkin in a bread basket? You can directly put it at the center or tuck it at one of the flaps. For bigger types of bread, you can stop at the 7th step of this bread basket instruction and tuck it inside of the flaps.
  • Besides small types of breads like dinner rolls, there are many options you could put in the bread basket napkin. Small starters like cornbread or muffins are a good option especially for brunch and luncheons. You could even put the menu inside the pouch napkin or some sweet treats like candies.
  • For more awesome napkin guides check out the articles below.
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