The Double Envelope Guide for Beginners On a Hurry


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The Double Envelope Guide for Beginners On a Hurry


Welcome to the double envelope napkin tutorial. You’ll be shown all the steps needed to create the fold along with superb pictures to help you along the way. The double envelope is similar to the envelope fold but there’s just one tiny variation – there are  two layers instead of one in the seal flap

It’s a quick fold to make and an easy one at that. This is a good napkin fold for beginners to start. Also, you’ll need a square napkin that could either be cloth or paper.

Have fun learning this fold. And we hope that you’ll be able to set up a fantastic table with this napkin fold!

Step 1

Fold the Napkin Twice


The first step is to lay a square napkin in front of you on a table.


Then fold the left edge towards the right edge.


And then fold the napkin for the second time by bringing the bottom edge towards the top. Good job! It's now time for the next steps.

Step 2

Make the First Seal Flap


Fold the topmost layer's right upper corner towards the middle.


Then do the same for the top left corner. You should have something similar to the image above.


Then fold the triangle towards the bottom. The tip should just touch the bottom edge.

Step 3

Make the Second Seal Flap


Fold the upper right corner of the next layer towards the middle.


Then do the same for the left upper corner.


Lastly fold the second triangle towards the bottom. The tip should be a little bit above the tip of the lower triangle.

Congratulations! You have successfully made the double envelope - we hope that you had fun reading this guide. And for more awesome napkin folding guides just browse through the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • You can iron the napkin first and even starch them. This could greatly improve the looks of your cloth napkins.
  • Enjoy the learning process. And remember that folding napkins could really be a relaxing experience.
  • This is a simple fold. But the execution is important even if this is a simple and quick fold to make. So be precise, and don't lose focus.
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  1. Ahaha, I folded double envelope for some of other guests – the rest just got the typical one. Nobody noticed- nobody cared but it was kinda fun

  2. between this and the envelope fold, I choose this ;p

  3. Thanks for sharing this guide. It’s so detailed and easy to follow

  4. So easy and fast to fold. recommended for simple parties

  5. Woahh, didn’t think of the double envelope hehe


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