The Dove of Peace Napkin Folding Guide


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The Dove of Peace Napkin Folding Guide


Whenever you see a folded napkin on a table it exists for two reasons, there could be more though, and those two reasons are practicality and aesthetics. And since you want to make your hosting look good then why not try the dove of peace napkin fold.

This fold requires only about a minute to make. And it’s moderately hard to make but the process is simple enough for even beginners to follow.

Also, it’s a narrow type of napkin fold and it looks pretty on any occasion. You can use a cloth or paper napkin. That said, have fun learning this fold.

Step 1

Fold the Bottom Corner of the Napkin


Welcome to the dove of peace napkin folding guide. Your first goal is to orient the napkin like in the image above on a comfortable workspace. And oh, it must be a square napkin.


Then fold the bottom corner of the napkin towards the top. It only has to reach about an inch below the top corner. Good job, now it's time to move to the next step.

Step 2

Fold the Bottom Corner Multiple Times


Then fold the bottom corner again. This time fold it towards the bottom. And notice that the fold occurred in the line where the left and right corner was found.


Then fold the bottom corner again towards the top. And this time, fold in the same line with the bottom edge. Take a closer look at the image above for reference.


And then fold the bottom corner towards the bottom once more! The corner should touch the bottom edge perfectly. Great job! Now it's time for the last part.

Step 3

Fold the Napkin Half


Do the exact same thing for the upper side of the napkin. This would make it symmetrical along the horizontal line.


Then fold the napkin lengthwise. Fold the left corner towards the right corner. And congratulations! You have finished making the dove of peace napkin fold.

We hope that you enjoyed learning the fold. And if you like to discover more folds, just browse through our articles below.

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  1. It’s a bit tricky but it’s simple. Easy to remember, and what you’ll have is something beautiful. SO good job for putting this guide

    • It’s the perfect blend between challenging and simple

  2. Thanks for sharing this guide to the world!

  3. anotha one 🙌🙌

  4. I like it without the last step. just me


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