Quick and Easy Trifold Napkin Folding Step-by-Step Instructions


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Quick and Easy Trifold Napkin Folding Step-by-Step Instructions


If you want to make a quick and easy napkin, this trifold napkin that resembles a dragon is the right fold for you! Learn how to make this serviette here! It’s not too flashy and looks stunning in a casual luncheon and even a formal dinner.

The most striking feature of this fold is its narrow bottom and wide top that is divided into three section. If you look at it closely, it sort of resembles a dragon with wings.  Pretty cool right?

We hope that this fold will be something that you’ll use for your next table-setting endeavors. Enjoy this guide!

Step 1

Make the base of the trifold napkin

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 01

To make the trifold napkin, lay a square napkin on a flat surface.

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 02

Fold the napkin in half vertically to make the base of the trifold napkin.

Step 2

Fold the napkin into a smaller square

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 03

The next step is fold the bottom edge towards the top. At this point, the napkin is one-fourth its original size.

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 04

Orient the napkin in such a way that it has one corner in the top and one corner in the bottom like a diamond.

Step 3

Divide the napkin into three sections


Fold the right corner towards the middle.

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 06

And then fold a portion of the right flap towards the right again.


Do the exact same thing that you did on the right side to the left side.

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Step 05

Flip the napkin over to the other side. Be careful not to undo your fold. The napkin should now look like it is divided into three.

Easy Trifold Napkin Folding - Finished

Rotate it 180 degrees. You have finished making the dragon-inspired trifold fold!

Extra Tips

  • Make sure to keep an eye on symmetry. A simple fold that is executed well is better than a complicated fold done poorly!
  • There are many ways to display this dragon shaped trifold napkin on a table setting. Like many other folded napkins, it’s best to place the napkin in the middle of the main plate. You must make sure that the left and right tips are at the same height and point toward the viewer. If the menu card, food, or something else is placed in the center of the main plate, you could put it at the top left side.
  • Iron your cloth table napkin first! No guest would want to be presented a wrinkled napkin on their plate. If you're in a pinch you can use tissue paper napkins for this easy paper napkin folding.
  • For more napkin instructions, check out the suggested articles below. We have various kinds of folding instructions inspired by nature and animals.
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