How to Fold a Sailboat Napkin in a Few Steps


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How to Fold a Sailboat Napkin in a Few Steps


Are you looking for a simple napkin fold that’s also quick to make? Something that you could learn instantly and apply in your table setting? Well, this sailboat napkin tutorial has got you covered!

You’ll need a square napkin for this fold. And it could be paper or cloth so long as it’s square. The sailboat napkin has its own charm and it certainly has its place on dinner tables. Don’t be afraid to use this fold for a non-nautical-related setting. It could be used in children’s parties, a simple brunch, etc.

We hope that you’ll enjoy learning from us today.

Step 1

Prepare a Square Napkin


Prepare a nice square napkin with minimal creases. It could be paper or cloth.

Step 2

Make the Napkin Smaller


The next goal is to make the square napkin smaller. It'll still be a square in shape. Start by folding the left corner towards the middle.


Do the same for the other three corners. And you should have something like from the image above. Good job, you are close to finishing the boat napkin fold.

Step 3

Fold in Half Twice


To make the sailboat napkin you will have to fold the napkin twice in half. Start by bringing the bottom corner towards the top.


Fold the bottom edge first towards the top before doing the final fold. Folding an inch or so from the bottom is enough.


Then finally fold the napkin lengthwise. Make sure to fold in a way that shows the body of the boat. Great job! For more napkin origami guides check out one of our many awesome napkin fold articles below.

Extra Tips

  • You can iron and starch your napkin first.
  • Always have fun. This is a simple fold to learn but there are plenty of other napkins folds! Check out our other guides.
  • Remember the three steps and you'll have this napkin fold mastered in no time.
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  1. EZ as 1,2,3 problem solved

  2. Thanksss for sharing this wonderful guide

  3. This sailboat napkin is alright

    • Yeah, whenever our resto needs to prep up quick this is the default napkin fold ahaha

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