How to Make the Pillar Napkin Fold | Quick and Easy


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How to Make the Pillar Napkin Fold | Quick and Easy


Welcome to the pillar napkin folding guide. You will learn how to fold this simple and fast to make a standing napkin fold. The pillar is a beautiful fold yet it is advisable for beginners. Why? Because it’s easy and quick to make.

The fold looks like what sounds like a pillar – but it’s not a circular pillar. It looks more like a narrow pyramid or thin hut. Now, you’ll only need one napkin to create this fold and it takes about only 30 seconds to create. Also, it being a thin standing napkin could elevate your table depending on the surroundings of the event.

Have fun learning the fold!

Step 1

Fold the Napkin Into a Triangle


Lay a square napkin in front of you on a table you are comfortable with.


Then fold the napkin in half by bringing the top edge towards the bottom.


And then make a triangle out of the napkin by folding the top corners to middle. Amazing job so far! Time to move to the next steps.

Step 2

Fold the Sides


You should fold the right corner towards the middle.


And do the same for the left corner. Your napkin should now look like the one from above.

Step 3

Make the Pillar Stand


Fold the bottom part towards the top. This will be the stands of the pillar.


Lastly, place the right stand on top of left one. Both of them should form an x-pattern. And that's it! Congratulations for making the pillar napkin fold. For more awesome napkin guides, check out the articles below.

Extra Tips

  • This fold is more suited for cloth napkins.
  • You can iron and/or starch the napkins.
  • Add some props when you display the napkins.
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  1. I like the added touch in the first picture <3

  2. Wonderful guide🤩

  3. Easy and quick to make. I tried it with a paper napkin and it can still work but a stiff cloth napkin is definitely better

  4. Awesome tutorial. It’s straight to the POINT

  5. Fantastic, thank you for showing this guide 🙂


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