Rose Fan Napkin Fold | Beginner Fold


1 Mins


Rose Fan Napkin Fold | Beginner Fold
Step 1

Fold the Napkin Into a Strip


Get a square napkin. And find a table to start folding. You could iron your napkin first.


Fold the bottom edge towards the top. But do note that the napkin strip's width will be around an inch.


Fold it again a second time.


And keep folding until you reach the top. This series folds will result in a thin strip. Good job so far!

Step 2

Roll One End


Your next objective is to roll one end of the napkin strip. It should look like the image above.


Continue rolling until there is little left of the strip.


Flip it over and you should see that your napkin look like this. This part right here is what you will fold to make a fan shape. Let's call this side the top side.

Step 3

Uncurl the Napkin


Place the napkin such that the top side faces the ceiling.


Pull the right part of the napkin gently towards the left.. What you want is to expand the napkin and you could do that by pulling the strip towards the left. And you are done with the napkin rose fold.

Extra Tips

  • Iron your napkins first to remove unwanted creases.
  • You could use a pin as a support so that the napkin will easily retain its shape.
  • Have fun folding! If you think that this particular fold is not right for the occasion then check out some of our other articles below.
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  1. I find the instruction straight to the point, too bad my napkin folding wasn’t as fast

  2. It’s a bit challenging to make it stand

  3. I like this this fold but you’ll definitely need a stiff napkin.

    • starch sis and bros

  4. I wish I could see all your standing napkin folds – i think this is okay but I’ll to see the others


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