How to Make an Origami Dolphin Step by Step


How to Make an Origami Dolphin Step by Step


This dolphin origami is fairly easy to do as it doesn’t require that many complicated folds. A wonderful aquatic animal, this common dolphin is known for its amazing intelligence and bottlenose beak. By following this step-by-step tutorial, you can have your own amazing sea friend!

Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Easy

Use a square piece of origami paper to make this dolphin origami. It is better to use a paper that has color on one side to follow this instruction better. Make a waterbomb base by folding the paper lengthwise and crosswise in half. Crease the paper well and unfold.

Flip the origami paper over. The creases made in step 1 should be visible. You will use it as a guide to making the waterbomb base.

Fold along the dashed lines diagonally as shown. Crease the origami paper well and unfold.

Push the right and left sides inwards. Step 5 will guide you more on how to form the base better.

Keep pushing by following the arrows as shown. Fold the top middle part, right and left middle part, to the origami paper’s bottom part.

Squash the origami paper to flatten. The origami should look like a triangle.

Fold the left corner of the origami paper to the right along the dashed line. Make sure to fold the top layer only.

Shape the dolphin origami by folding side CB along the dashed line.

Form the dorsal fin of the dolphin origami by folding the top layer along the dashed line.

Form the head by folding the origami piece along the dashed line.

Make a pleat as shown to start forming the nose of the dolphin. To make the pleat, fold the left corner to the right side, fold a part of the back. Follow the dotted lines as shown.

Start forming the tail by doing an inside reverse fold on the right corner. To make an inside reverse fold, pry open the right tip. Then push it down inwards to the center, then flatten.

Then reverse fold only the inner layer of the tail upwards. To make a reverse fold, fold the tail’s top forwards the backward. Unfold it, then pry open the tip and flip it inside out.

Make a valley fold to shape the dorsal fin. To make a valley fold, fold the lower side of the paper upwards. Use the dashed line for guidance.

Create a small valley fold on the nose to make a curved shape. Then, fold the tip of the nose backward.

Your origami dolphin is almost done! Turn the paper around.

Your origami dolphin is done! Draw some eyes to your dolphin to give it some life.

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  1. Lovely Dolphin <3

  2. You are really good in tutorials

  3. Was expecting this to be hard, but it was actually easy

    • me too! thought it was hard, its actual;ly easy and look nice in the front

  4. That’s the most beautiful origami tutorial😍

  5. Loved it! And it totally worked out great… Thanks


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