Origami Fox Easy Instructions with Pictures


Origami Fox Easy Instructions with Pictures


This fox paper origami is super easy as it only needs a few basic folds to make. A great paper craft for kids and beginners, you only need a piece of square origami paper and this step-by-step instruction to make an amazing fox origami.

Difficulty Level: Easy

You need a square piece of origami paper to make this fox. It is better to use a paper that has color on one side. Face the colored side upward and fold it along the  diagonal line as shown.

The paper origami should look like this triangle. Fold the triangle in half as shown.

Bring the bottom left corner to the top left corner. Then, bring the right corner to the top left corner.

How to fold an Origami Fox - Step 4The origami should like two triangles that form a square. Fold the right  triangle to the back. The origami should now look like the right image.

Make a fold on the dash line shown below. Crease the origami paper well and unfold.

Pry open the layers on the right side of the origami paper. You will notice that it has three layers when opened. Keep it open until the dashed line made in step 5.

Unfold each layer gently, then squash the top inner fold. Flatten it to make the head of the fox.

The last step is to make the tail. Fold the right corner to the right.

Your oigami fox is done!. You may draw some eyes and mouth to bring your foxy friend to life!

There are many versions of dog origami, Discover new ways here!


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  1. When tried to make it . Was too easy. I like it 👍👌

  2. That was so simple and so cool! Thank you so much ❤

  3. foxxy cute

  4. it really does look like fox! great job my friend!

  5. Once again I see how Creative you are…

  6. worked out perfectly! thank you!


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