Easy Paper Plate Minion | Good Crafts for Kids

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Easy Paper Plate Minion | Good Crafts for Kids


Making a great paper plate minion craft is easy and quick. In this guide, we will show step-by-step how to create those cute yellow henchmen in blue jeans. Your kids will surely love this activity as there is a lot of simple painting and cutting.

And of course, in the end, they will be able to create a lovable character. Ready your tools and supplies then scroll down to begin making your DIY paper plate minion.

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  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Pencil


  • Paper plate
  • Poster colors (Black, Yellow, White, Blue)
  • Clear glue
  • Black construction paper
Step 1

Draw the Face of the Paper Plate Minion


The first step in creating the minion is to draw the parts of the face. Make a horizontal line in the center of the paper plate.


The next step is to create two circles on the upper part of paper plate. These circles will be the eyes so symmetry is important.


After creating the eyes, the next step would be to draw a smile. The minion has three upper teeth, and the tongue can be partially seen. This gives it a child-like appearance.


Perfect. After we are done creating the face it is now time to start painting which is probably the most enjoyable part of the activity for kids. The horizontal line that you made in the very first step separates the face and body for this paper plate craft.

Step 2

Paint the Upper of the Minion Paper Plate


Minions are yellow, and so in this step, you will paint the upper part of the paper plate yellow. Be careful not to paint the eyes and mouth. And remember to paint evenly.


You will then have to paint the cute teeth of the minion white. Although it might not seem like much, this attention to detail could mean a lot when seen up-close.


The next step is to paint black the pupils, the mouth, and the strap of the eyeglasses. Here, you can adjust how you want to place the eyes. In this example, I placed the pupils towards the upper center to give the face a happy look.

How To Make a Paper Plate Minion - Step 7

Then get some black and white paint to create a grey outline. Or alternatively, you could just use a grey poster color if you have one. Every minion wears googles, right?


Good job! The next step is to give the minion paper plate blue jeans.

Step 3

Paint the Minion's Jeans and Tongue

Paint the lower part of the paper plate blue. Try to make the paint even and brush in one direction.


Now it's time to create the straps of the jumper jeans. Paint two diagonal strips to create the straps of the jumper.


It's so much better if there is attention to detail so in this case, we will paint the tongue pink. Pink paint can be made by mixing red and white.


Create a pouch for your minion by using black paint. Just like in the movies, the minions look similar but everyone has their differences. In this step, you could create your design for the pouch. You might even want to add other art supplies if you want.


You are almost done with this wonderful activity. Next, it's time to grab the black construction paper.

Step 4

Make the Hair of the Paper Plate Minion


Cut three rectangular strips of the black construction paper for the hair of the minion. In this example, I decided to go for thin strips. You and your kid could certainly play around with this step.


The next step is to get ready to stick the hair to the paper plate minion.


We are so close to finishing the paper plate minion. All we need to do is to glue the rectangular strips at the back of the paper plate.


Apply pressure to the rectangular strips to let the glue do its magic. Another fun thing you could is to follow a different arrangement from the one we did.


Congratulations! You have successfully made this craft for kids. Be sure to check out our other paper plate activities.

Extra Tips

  • If you're child is still very young and her hand-eye coordination isn't developed yet, you can let her paint after putting tape on the outlines that way you both could still get a nice paint over the paper plate. Of course though, sometimes the outcome isn't as important as the experience.
  • This paper plate minion is the typical minion you would find in the movies. It's great though this can also be a base for which you could show of your unique fashion style, Have fun always!
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