The Multi-Colored Napkin Bag | Two Napkin Folds

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The Multi-Colored Napkin Bag | Two Napkin Folds


Welcome to the multi-colored bag guide. In this article, you’ll be shown all the steps needed to learn how to fold it and there will be pictures to help you even more. This fold is a lively-looking fold, and you can definitely put something inside the napkin fold such as a brief letter or a trinket.

You’ll need around a minute to fold the multi-colored bag napkin and it’s moderately challenging yet with this guide everyone can do it well. Two square napkins of varying colors are needed; the napkins could be cloth or paper.

Have fun reading, and tell us what you think about this napkin fold in the comments below.

Step 1

Fold the Napkins Twice


To begin this fold, get two square napkins and lay them both flat on a table you are comfortable with.


Then place one napkin on top of another. In this example, an aqua napkin was placed over a green napkin.


Then fold both napkins together by bringing the bottom edge towards the top.


And then fold the left edge towards the right edge. This, folding the napkin twice. Now, it's time to move to the next set of steps.

Step 2

Fold the Top Two Layers


Time to shift your focus on the top right corner. Specifically, to the two top layers. Fold the top two layers to the middle.


Then fold the top corner top right edge so that the corners would be just covered.


Then fold the top right edge again, this time towards the bottom left. Your napkin should look like the image above.

Step 3

The Sides and Top Corner


Fold the left edge towards the back.


Then do the same for the right edge.


And fold too, the top layer's corner towards the back. The green corner should now be hidden.


Continue to tuck the top green layer and fold. Your napkin should now look like the image above.

Good job! You have made you rown multi-colored napkin bag and the only thing left to do is to impress your guests with this fold. For more awesome napkin guides, just browse through our articles below.

Extra Tips

  • Be mindful of symmetry and of the overall look of your fold before presenting them on a table. Execution is important.
  • You can iron and/or starch the napkin first.
  • Have fun when you are folding. Think of napkin folding as a relaxing experience.
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  1. There’s nothing special in this fold and there are others which are easier and quicker. Not saying this is bad guide – it’s clear and striaght to the point. just my 2 cents 😐


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